Sunday, 8 February 2015

How about those logos!

There are few things more nostalgia inducing (well at least for middle aged North American male sports fans) than vintage logos of the respective teams from their youth, from any league really.

Vintage CFL logos in particular are very evocative of an earlier era and every team went through many different logos and wordmarks and helmet sticker designs over the decades. No comprehensive listing of these logo changes currently exists but it would certainly be a worthwhile effort to compile such a graphical list.

Interestingly the current first full edition of Upper Deck CFL cards (which I will cover in a future post) has some very attractive team logo patch cards that give you some idea of the variability of the designs (but the date ranges attributed to the logos on the cards are sometimes just educated guesswork). 

What you see at the top of the blog page is a somewhat hastily executed mashup of team logos borrowed from a set of large carded 15" X 13" logo art ostensibly issued in conjunction with the 1965 Grey Cup in Toronto and currently available in this ebay auction. The pricing is a stretch at $900 US, and I would think about half of that would be absolute top end for material like this, nice as it is. But on the other hand this is not something you will likely run into anytime again soon. One of the originals and the full set are shown below.

These sorts of large logo boards were issued in other years as well as this advertisement for the 1967 set shows. Note how some of the logos have already changed from the 1965 set and these items include brass grommet holes for hanging.

Here is an example of one of these types of display boards, although the inclusion of the city and team names might indicate it is a different year of issue than those shown in the 1967 order advertisement which only shows the city name (or not, the ad might be inaccurate).

In the mid-nineties the CFL issued a new set of logo boards for use in retail establishments and team stores, etc. which include some of the American franchises. While still attractive they just don't have the oomph that the vintage logos provide. Other years of other issues probably exist.


All information that I can come up with on these items will eventually appear in Volume 3 - Novelties & Souvenirs in due course.

Thanks to Bobby Burrell for the image of the 1967 advertisement, check out Bobby's Vintage Hockey Collector Site for more memorabilia induced virtual trips back to your childhood. 

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