Monday, 9 February 2015

Men - will be interested in these things

In the fifties in Canada it was a sure bet that men would find Goodyear tires and football intensely interesting, so why not issue a magazine that communicated the benefits of the company's tire products along with information about notable football personalities of the day, and call that magazine "Goodyear's Magazine For Men"!

Here is an early issue from 1952 with a cover featuring Glenn Dobbs, ex of the AAFC and adopted superstar of the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the early fifties. What looks like an illustration must have been drawn from a photo credited to Turofsky, the famous Toronto photography studio (who will no doubt feature in a future post here).

The cover illustration was accompanied with a story inside the magazine and lots of good tire information throughout. This item was sold last year on ebay for around $30 if memory serves which is a ridiculously low price for a vintage colour early fifties CFL memorabilia.

Here is another issue of the magazine, still fifties but uncertain of the year, of JP (John) Metras, famed Canadian university football coach of the Western Ontario Mustangs. At least he was famed in the fifties when Canadian university ball was closely followed and drew large crowds to games in the eastern part of the country.

and the associated story. This item failed to sell recently on ebay and was priced at a modest $10 bucks, indicating that knowledge and interest of Canadian non-professional football history is quite low.

These are the only two football related issues of these magazines that I am aware of but as with anything related to Canadian football, more vintage items might exist.

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