Sunday, 8 February 2015

Welcome to the Collecting Canadian Football Blog Site

This blog is designed to help popularize the hobby of collecting Canadian football (and most specifically CFL - Canadian Football League) memorabilia and to make the existence of this series of catalogues better known in the general sports and trading cards memorabilia hobby

The guides pictured to the right of the posts are the most comprehensive ever created for the Canadian football segment of North American professional sports. You can click on the image to go to the primary catalogue site to get all of the details on the guides, what's included and many PDF downloadable sample pages.

The colour version of Volume I is sold out, and I expect the B&W version of volume I to be sold out relatively soon as well. While an update to these guides (including new items issued since the guides were published as well as newly discovered older material that has since come to light) is planned, it will be an UPDATE only to bring each of the volumes up to the future current date. The complete catalogues WILL NOT BE reprinted as an updated whole and interested collectors will need to have the original volumes for the listings of the vast majority of the material available over the last half century+.

But before the update can be produced, I am currently working on Volume 3 - Novelties and Souvenirs and intend to publish Volume 4 - Publications and Ephemera as well. Because each volume is years in the making, this means the eventual update is still a long way off.

I had considered producing this blog for many years but thought it would just delay the work on the other volumes, which has recently slowed down due to life's unpredictability. So in order to keep up interest in the mean time I decided that I will provide the following content here, with posts hopefully roughly twice a week:
  • Updates on the current volume's work in progress
  • Information on newly issued items that fall in V1 or V2's categories
  • Updates to previously catalogued items in V1 & V2 when new data has been uncovered
  • Information on older items that have been found since V1 & V2 were published
  • and possibly general information on how the guides came to be produced in the first place

Finally, this blog was inspired by The Topps Archives blog that deals with all things related to the Topps company and their central historical role in developing the sports card hobby in North America. It is a treasure trove of information on Topps, baseball cards, hobby history, pop culture history and more. Well worth multiple looks.

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