Saturday, 28 February 2015

Where is Volume Three ???

As readers of Collecting Canadian Football Volumes 1 & 2 will know the planned third volume in the series intends to cover Novelties & Souvenirs that are not player specific (although a few player themed items will make their way into the volume for reasons that will be self-evident). I have included a few sample page images here to show what you can eventually expect.

Volume three is under development but is still a fair ways from completion. One of the issues faced for this group of collectibles is that just a chronological listing of every type of item ever produced within the major categorization level of 2 - Novelties and Souvenirs, would result in an overwhelmingly confusing jumbled mishmash of things and would make the guide extremely difficult to use for the collector interested in particular types of items.

But the mid level categorization level was a little too specific to use as sorting criteria because then items that have somewhat of a logical relationship to each other would have found themselves at
opposite ends of the book (eg. Bobbleheads versus Nodders or Decals versus Stickers).

Therefore it was decided to devise an intermediate level of items that logically fits between the major and the mid categories and groups things in a way that would make sense to most collectors. This intermediate level will be called the Macro level of categorization. So you will find the item listings alphabetically in this macro order, thereby allowing for the Bobblehead, Nodders & similar Ceramic Figures to be grouped together, or the Puzzles be listed with the Games, and so forth.

Currently the Macro divisions are as follows (the + indicating "and related items") :

  • Bobbleheads+
  • Cloth Crests+
  • Coins+
  • Games+
  • Glassware+
  • Pennants+
  • Pinbacks+
  • Pins+
  • Stickers+
  • Tableware+

That's ten macro categories with the remaining items that don't fit into any of those groups representing an eleventh large group of items to process. So far I have completed the Games+ section (about 55 pages worth), the Pennants+ section (about 40 pages worth) and am just about done the Coins+ section (about 15 pages worth). So as you can see three major sections out of eleven means the volume is still less than a third complete, although the games and pennants were two of the more difficult and time consuming sections to complete. Long way to go...

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