Sunday, 10 May 2015

Weird or What?

One of the stranger knickknacks approved by the burgeoning CFL Properties licensing arm of the Canadian Football League were a series of ceramic self-adhesive plaques issued in the early or possibly the mid-seventies.

The plaques were made in Taiwan and imported by a Montreal company called Trans Converters Ltd. which sounds somewhat electrical and ceramic would have been a common material used for electric products during that era, so maybe there was some sort of strange connection there.

Each plaque came in its own blister pack made to hang on store shelf wire racks, with usage instructions printed on the package. Unfortunately I don't have high resolution pictures of all of the plaques so you will have to make do with what is pictured here.

Each plaque features a team helmet rendition on the left and a catchy, if occasionally somewhat unoriginal, team related saying or phrase on the right. They can be hard to make out with these low res scans so here are the phrases that I can read for each team, the Ottawa one is hardest to decipher and I have not seen a Hamilton plaque but it must exist.

  • CAL - My Calgary Stampeders Are by far the leaders!
  • WPG - Go Blue Bombers!
  • MON - C'est mon club We're with You!
  • TOR - Argos is our name Winning is our game!
  • BC - Roar Lions Roar!
  • SSK - My Big Green Machine
  • EDM - Go Esks Go!
  • OTT -  Go Riders Go Let The Ottawa Spirit Show!
  • HAM - [?]

I have seen these listed in ebay auctions for two different sizes of plaque, 2" X 1 1/4" or 4 3/8" X 2" so it is unclear if they actually do come in two sizes or the auction information was just somehow wrong for whatever reason. These are fairly unusual and hard to come by but they are also not particularly widely popular so prices of each individual plaque would only be a few dollars each. I have never seen similar items for NFL teams, or any other sports so it would appear that this is another case of obscure CFL only collectibles that are curiously quirky and unique.

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