Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Return of Something Good! - (Volume 1 Addition)

So I am walking along last Friday exiting the stadium after the Stampeders managed a last play 50 yard field goal victory over their prior season Grey Cup opponent Hamilton Tiger-Cats (in what has to be rated as a pretty unconvincing offensive performance). When I spot something hanging on the wall in the under-concourse souvenir stand with a familiar look. Sure enough there were some Frameworth style cardboard packages with 8x10 glossy photos of Stampeder players.

Bo Levi Mitchell                                                            Jon Cornish

But the Frameworth line of licensed action photos were issued ten years ago in 2005-2006, (as detailed in Collecting Canadian Football Volume 1) and the players in the sleeves were Jon Cornish and Bo Levi Mitchell, so there was no way these were old stock put out to clearance. I resolved to visit the Stamp Store the next day to see what was up. Sure enough there were twelve brand spanking new action photos of Stampeders in Frameworth holders from the current season (prior to the last round of pre-season cuts, judging by the existence of a photo of no longer with the team Jabari Arthur).

Rob Cote showing the CFL & CFLPA logos and square hologram on this edition of the photos.
Paper type used for the photos is the same as the original issue with different format identification information printed on the back.

At the present time I have no way of knowing if photos of players from each team have been produced, but it would seem highly likely that they will also be available. The last time these items were produced they were available framed in multiple configurations as well, so far no sign of that this time around. The whole collection was detailed on the Frameworth website originally but there is no sign of these items on the site as of June 27th, hopefully a complete list appears eventually.

Original Milt Stegall Frameworth Photo from 2005 and the back of the cardboard sleeve 

Note the different issuer, league and CFLPA Pro Players marketing organization logos on the original items from a decade ago, as well as no hologram sticker.  The cardboard sleeves housing the photos today are identical to those used initially and still feature photos of then star players Dave Dickenson, Troy Davis and Damon Allen (there is no copyright date printed anywhere on the sleeve).

Brendon Labatte                                                        Anthony Calvillo

Actually Pro Players has issued a series of autographed glossy 8X10 photos over the past few years (starting around late 2010 with some still available on the CFLPA Store website today). These featured prominent players from those years as well as some vintage images ranging from fairly recent seasons to classic players from decades ago, sometimes in Black & White as displayed below. These were fairly pricey because of the autographs running anywhere from $30.00 to $60.00 originally. They also come with holographs but it might belong to a memorabilia dealer who helped facilitate the autograph sessions. Many of these were marketed on eBay as well.

One thing is for sure, these new Frameworth items will be stocked for a short while at team stores and possibly at local sports retailers depending on the city, and after that they will vanish into the great void of previously released CFL items that are never seen again. Remember the credo of CFL collecting, if you see something you want better buy it right then and there, or you stand a really good chance of never seeing it again. If any blog readers from other CFL cities can collect information on which photos have been issued for their teams, I would love to hear from you.

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