Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Pride of the Lions Quenches Thirsty Fans - (Volume 2 Addition)

Fans attending games at B.C. Place in Vancouver after the 2011 season were justifiably proud of their newly renovated stadium (now easily the best indoor football stadium in the country) and eventually their Grey Cup championship Lions team. They would also soon celebrate the 60th anniversary of their franchise and all of these attributes of their club, venue and city would come together on a series of attractive firm plastic cups sold with drinks at games at the facility.

2011 Season cup and 2012 Season cup celebrating the Grey Cup win. Both cups have the regular Lions head logo on the reverse as per the left side cup

These are a bit of a mix in terms of cataloging because some cups are generic and some are player specific. I'll probably end up splitting them into Volume 3 and the future update for Volumes 1 & 2. The cups sport the logo of the renovated stadium as well as the sponsor logos of Pepsi and Centerplate (a worldwide event management company).

2013 Season cup no 1 of 3, featuring Hall of Famers: Willie Fleming, By Bailey, Norm Fieldgate, Joe Kapp and water boy turned General Manager Bob Ackles

For the 60th anniversary year three separate player cups were issued focusing on players from three different eras of the club's history. Cup number 2 has star Lion players from the seventies and eighties, and cup number 3 has star Lion players from the nineties and up. All cups also include some historical facts on team achievements in each era.

2014 Season cup featuring Travis Lulay, Andrew Harris, Adam Bighill and Solomon Elimimian 

The following season three more cups were issued with the multi-player item shown above, a special Geroy Simon cup and one showcasing the black gunmetal uniforms. These three cups all featured somewhat different designs. Finally in 2014 the cup shown below was issued as B.C. Place hosted the 102nd Grey Cup between the Calgary Stampeders and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

2014 Season Grey Cup Championship cup

In keeping with the theme of this post, I have also illustrated below left the special 2013 Tim Horton's Lions 60th Anniversary paper cup that was available at all 292 locations in B.C. in large or extra large sizes. According to a press release this was the first time a professional sports team logo was ever featured on Tim Horton's beverage containers. Tim Horton's has also issued commemorative Grey Cup paper coffee cups and numerous other items related to the CFL. It is a reminder that CFL collectibles can pop up anywhere in everyday places and are here today and gone tomorrow.

2013 Season Tim Horton's Lions 60th Anniversary cup and undated Tim Horton's coffee can

Finally illustrated above right is a Tim Horton's coffee can of uncertain date that happens to feature a picture of Hall of Famer B.C. Lion Jim Young. Jim was born in Hamilton so perhaps that is why he is featured on this particular can, but I have no other information or images for the item. I spotted this while visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto where it was part of a memorabilia display of hockey collectibles. It shows that even while standing in the heart of Hockey's Mecca, a sharp eyed observer might stumble across a previously unknown Canadian football collectible.

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