Monday, 28 November 2016

53 Years Between Breakfast Bites! - (Volume 1 Addition)

As most CFL collectors know the 1962 and 1963 Post CFL grocery premium cereal cards are a mainstay of CFL collecting and their popularity seems to remain constant year after year. If you were a kid then, looking forward to the morning meal to see which cards you could eventually cut out of the cereal box back panel, you have had to wait a little over 19,000 days to once again be greeted by CFL players on your morning boxes of Post cereal.

These promotional boxes featured large images of two players on each box front, the players are not named but are easy to identify.

So one day last month I am checking Ebay for CFL items and I come across an auction for the two boxes shown above (with seller's thumb on the left) with these dynamic and attractive CFL players plastered all over the package fronts. Pleasantly surprised I head to the local grocery stores to see if I can locate actual copies for myself.  

There are six boxes in total in the set and the common backs advertise a Post sponsored contest for the Ultimate Grey Cup Experience. The players are only available on the Family Size versions of these popular Post brands.

The players available in the promotion are :

  • Box 1  Darian Durant & Joshus Bell
  • Box 2  Bo Levi Mitchell & Marcus Howard
  • Box 3  Drew Willy & Kyries Hebert
  • Box 4  Henry Burris & Nicolas Boulay
  • Box 5  Zach Collaros & James Yurichuk
  • Box 6  Mike Reilly & Adam Bighill

Turns out that by the time I even found out about this promotion it was already over so I was lucky to still be able to find most of the boxes at stores around my area of the city. The website image below shows that Post was promoting the products online fairly well but the CFL might have made a bigger splash on its website or via its mobile Apps because I never heard about it from those channels. 

While searching for the boxes, lo and behold I stumbled upon another Post CFL promotion relating to the Jerseys of each CFL club.   

These boxes are dressed up as the nine CFL team jerseys on different brands of Post cereals. This time the backs advertise a contest to win Official CFL team jerseys.  

Details on this promotion are available at the Post Canadian website

This contest is still active and goes until December 31, 2016 and includes discounts at as well as 250 Jerseys available to be won for each team.  

For unknown reasons some of the boxes (Winnipeg, Calgary & maybe one more) have the jersey graphics on both sides of the box bilingually. 

Co-op was the first to produce modern cereal boxes with player images from the start of this decade and these were partially catalogued in Volume II of Collecting Canadian Football. You would think that over the last five decades there would have been a lot of CFL themed material promoted on cereal boxes but other than the classic Post sixties sets, this is generally not really the case. There were a few generic football cards from multi sport sets made available in cereal boxes as well as a few generic football items as prizes in cereal boxes (those will eventually be catalogued in the upcoming Volume III of Collecting Canadian Football). 

Above left are two General Mills cereal box side panels featuring Dick Shatto that were catalogued in Collecting Canadian Football Volume II. Above right is what is thought to be a cutout of an unidentified cereal brand box back from 1967 with a Modern Day Grey Cup Records theme. 

No doubt there are more vintage unidentified CFL cereal box memorabilia items out there waiting to be discovered, and happily these days some current ones as well. With any luck Post and the CFL will expand on this collaboration in upcoming seasons.  

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  1. I've been looking for the Ron Lancaster Nabisco TEAM Multi Grain one for a while! :)