Saturday, 24 March 2018

Grocery Store Score on the Prairies - (Volume 2 Update & Volume 1 Addition)

Gameday Approved was the name of the multi year promotion sponsored by Federated Coop, a large agricultural and retail conglomerate based in Saskatoon. Co-op is one of the major grocery retailers in Western Canada, especially in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Beginning in 2010 in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary of the Roughriders Co-op issued two commemorative Andy Fantuz cereal boxes although the Game Day Approved slogan was not used in the first year of the promotion.

2012 Saskatchewan Roughriders Getzlaf Waggle Cereal Box (French Side) 

 Subsequently A Darian Durant commemorative cereal box was produced in 2011 and the Getzlaf pictured above in 2012. These items as well as two Weston Dressler themed potato chip branded packages were all catalogued and illustrated in Collecting Canadian Football Volume 2, because they were team specific to the Roughriders. A large number of other grocery product items were also branded with the Rider's logo but this blog post will concentrate (mostly) on only those that also contain a specific player image.

2013 Geroy Simon Chips & Weston Dressler Fruit Snacks 

Subsequent to the publication of CCF V2 Co-op produced two more Rider player themed packages in 2013 and there does not seem to have been a special cereal produced for this season. Life sized cardboard standups of Simon were produced, unsure if new Dressler ones were also made (a Dressler standup was produced in 2011).

Edmonton & Winnipeg promotional posters featuring the Mike Reilly and Nick Moore branded Chips and multiple other non-player specific products 

After four seasons featuring just Saskatchewan Co-op decided to expand the promotion to the 3 other prairie teams with their own branded and player sponsored grocery items. The result was a lot more things to collect as well as more associated advertising pieces that will eventually find their way into an update for Volume I as they are no longer specific to just one team.

2014 Special Stampeders Cornish autograph poster at left and Cornish Flakes Cereal from the same year, the only non-Saskatchewan player to be featured on their own cereal  

Besides what is pictured here there were Cornish RB-Q Chips, a Durant Quarterback Quench drink (which I have not been able to find a picture of), Getzlaf Chris-py Dill Chips and a generic Roughriders Kickoff Krunch Cereal to keep consumers busy buying and eating. It is not known if similar special autograph session posters were created for any of the other players in the other cities, but it would seem probable.  

2014 introduced prairie wide everybody's favorite damn hard to store player item, the life size cardboard standup (it is possible the Durant on the left is from a previous year). Standups of Cornish and Moore were also made.  

Also to celebrate the Rider's 4th cup win in 2013 the special cola cans  below were produced, each one specific to the year with the final score and a player image on them, including George Reed '66, Glenn Suitor & Dave Ridgway '89, <cant make it out> '07 & Kory Sheets '13.

Don't forget to save the box too, player images are on it as well as the cans 

2015 saw the promotion scaled back somewhat and as far as I can tell there was one chip bag issued for each of the four teams. There may have been new standups issued as well, but this is unconfirmed. Information on line seems to be scarce for this year, and pretty soon it will likely all be gone, highlighting the importance of capturing the details on dates and items while it is still just a click away.

All four 2015 Quarterback themed Chip Packages 

One of the players above is particularly not like the others, while Bo Levi Mitchell, Mike Reilly & Darian Durant have either led or probably still will lead their teams to multiple Grey Cups and all have brought home a championship to their franchise, Drew Willy's time in Winnipeg was a bust, so you know which bag will probably be the rarest a couple of decades from now.

All four 2016 Quarterback themed Chip Packages 


The seventh and final year of the program came in 2016 after hundreds of thousands of dollars had been raised for the various Children's Hospitals in each province. Once again four different types of chips with player endorsement were issued with the same three quarterbacks for Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatchewan but with Weston Dressler appearing for Winnipeg, making him the only player who was featured on products for two different teams.

Grocery store items are a great way to score basically "free" collectibles while getting your moneys worth on the actual product itself. They typically are very easy to get while the promotion is active and then rapidly become very difficult to locate afterwards. Commemorative cereal boxes are something that people tend to pack away so those will likely remain relatively easy to find, but if you didn't grab all the chip bags you needed over the last few years for your team, well good luck finding them in the future. At least you now have the info to know what to look for.